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Women of the Gate January Challenge - Stargate SG-1

About Women of the Gate January Challenge

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Come and join in the Women of the Gate January Challenge!

What can I post in this challenge? 
Any kind of fanart (fics, vids, art, podfic).  It must follow the rules of the community and celebrate a female character within the Stargate franchise and be somehow related to the theme of Beginnings.  Links to recommendations are also welcome.

Is there a time limit?  Great if you can post within January but you can post any time through 2013.

You say the theme is Beginnings but what do you mean?  Some ideas...your art may focus on the beginning of a friendship/relationship, beginning a new job/role, or the beginning of a series or a character within the franchise

Do I need to sign-up?  No, but you will need to join as a member to post to the gate_women community
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